Interwinding  Jockstraps Unique Look

Interwinding Jockstraps Unique Look



  • Outwardly designed pocket with  and firm straps provide for a snug fit
  • Sexy bold look, sensual to touch and feel while allowing for free and unencumbered movement, with unique look.
  • Makes a great fit for daily wear, sports, workouts, athletics, the bedroom and any and all occasions
  • Machine washable,jockstraps provide optimum support and ship out in discreet packaging



Enjoy the firm hold, the sensual and the sexual feel of our top of the line jockstraps. These supporters have outwardly designed pocket with firm straps, designed to provide a snug fit.


Sexy, bold and edgy look adds a tinge of excitement when it counts the most. These underwear can also be worn for daily use, under a suit, for running, athletics, sports, exercise and any and all occasions.




Care Instructions:


  • Machine wash on delicate cycle and let dry