Nakuo Coconut & Coffee Bar Soap Free of Parabens 4.93 oz

Nakuo Coconut & Coffee Bar Soap Free of Parabens 4.93 oz




✓ Helps nourish, moisturize, and soften skin

✓ No Parabens

✓ Coconut & Coffee

✓ Sulfate free

✓ Salt free

✓ Pleasant aroma


What are the Nakuo line of Soaps?


ORGANICARE is a line of organic Soaps. Free of sulphates, which is formulated with biodegradable foaming agents and botanical extracts from plants grown under the principles of Organic Agriculture, which cleans the impurities and dead skin cells without drying, hydrating and nourishing it.


Who we are


Organicare is a Colombian brand, dedicated to satisfying the needs of body care, with functional products, through a natural elaboration with vegetable ingredients extracted from plants of organic crops from eastern Antioquia.


Our processes are born from the care of the sowing of the plants that we use to make our products, they are organic crops without pesticides or chemicals, we are also committed to Colombian farmers, ensuring the full purchase of the harvest and at a fair cost.


We take care of body, facial and hair care. Being more and more responsible with the environment. Our foam does not pollute the water, since they are derived from natural glucose We have Invima registration; which allows us to transfer to all our clients the confidence of acquiring products with the highest production standards.